need help at Plot the distribution of each variable on the same graph.

hello , i have an assiment that ineed to show all my variables at the same graph, the problome that they have diffrenet scale , ihave been working with the data "quakes" and one of my variable is lat that has negtive valuse and on the other hand one of the variable is depth that have valuse of 600+ , how do i adjust my scale in order to make good visable graph here is my commends :
boxplot(data1, horizontal=F, main="distribution of each variable on the same graph",ylim=c(-600,680))
problome is that the graph dosent look right

If all values of depth are 600+, then why are you considering the negative y-axis? If you set ylim=c(600, 680), what happens?

It has to be a boxplot? Or you can do something like this?

plot(quakes, pch=20, col=rgb(0,0,0,.1), lwd=.6)


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well becuse lat values are negtive and i need to show all my variable on the same graph

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