Need help in creating own shiny server

Hi All,
I want to create my own shiny server.
I would appreciate if you can share details about it.

Thanks in advance.

If you're just getting started in Shiny, this is a helpful set of tutorials.

If you've got an app that you're now looking to deploy, see more information about deployment options here.


Alex, what's the right way to think of Connect w.r.t Shiny Server Pro. I know connect does much more than Shiny Server Pro, but is it a superset of everything that SSP does? Or are there things one could do with SSP that one cannot do with Connect?

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If you are interested in setting up an open source shiny-server, then this blog post by Dean its a great resource, its for doing it on DigitalOcean but you can do it locally or in any other cloud computing service as well.

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Hi @jdlong!

There are some pricing differences, but connect features are a superset of SSP features.

Here's a an overview (relatively high level) of the differences.

thank you. That was super helpful.

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Thanks a lot for your help.

Actually the issue is, I am able to run my app locally abut when I am trying to publish it, its not working. I am connecting to a SQL database in the app and fetching data from database.
The database is having firewall. So unless I am on VPN network, i won't be able to pass on the firewall.
So I thought of creating own shiny server for university so it will always be on VPN network.
I read about Shiny server open source and Shiny server Pro but I am not sure to how much extent my problem will be solved.
Shiny server open source is not available for Windows or Mac as per my understanding.

You can install them on a docker container (or virtual machine) running on top of Windows or Mac systems, also you can use a cloud computing service (e.g. AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud) and have the instance permanently connected through your VPN

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