need help with my CAH script ...

Hello everyone,

I have a very simple data table in two columns
1-interraction/2- index
the index in question is a correlation index calculated for combinations of 2 individuals (example individual F1-individual F2 = an index,
individual F1-individual F3= another index .. etc ).
I have all the possible dyads linked to an index for 11 individuals, that is 55 dyads.

I want to represent my data in the form of a dendrogram ( or CAH )

for that my script was very simple:

data=read.table("data_HW.txt",h=T,dec = ",")
res.pca <- PCA(data)
res.cah <- HCPC(res.pca)

however I would like to show on my graph the dyads to be able to locate myself and thus see the proximity of my dyads according to their indices.
Could someone help me to modify my script above or make a new one?

Thanks in advance for your help.


by the way i used the package ‘FactoMineR’

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