Need Help with time shows in bupaR

Hey dear,

I have a problem to create a depiction about the metric idle_time...


with that code I get a picture, but the picture is empty, there is only on the side a description with Resources and on the bottom idle time in(units)

I want to create a Idle_time picture about the analysis level log or case, but if I use the code

idle_time(cols=c(daten1), level_of_analysis=c("log"),units=c("mins"))%>%

i get the error message
Error in UseMethod ("idle_time"):
Inapplicable method for 'idle_time' applied to object of class "list"
i hope that you can Help me

Hello @Faruk ,

I see that you pose the same question as your earlier one and apparently now with success: at least you get an answer by me :upside_down_face:.

I think the reason that had you no responses is probably that you give too little context:

  • idle_time appears to be a function but you do not mention from which package
  • daten1 appears to be the name of a variable (because if not you should have used quotes around it 'daten1'
  • it would also help if you mentioned the data that you want to use here.
    In your previous posting you mentioned an xmldataset.
    Did you succeed in reading it? If not: can you show us what you did. If successful can you show us the first rows of the data.frame (if that was the result of the import)?

I overlooked the title of your posting that says "in bupaR".
But idle_time is not known in this package.

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Hi @HanOostdijk,
The import of the dataset is not the problem,
The functions are from the package edeaR. And the data is a XES- data.

These are the data

Glad to hear that the import of the file was no problem.
Can you show us the code that you used so that we can do the import ourselves?
Or even better: can you show us all code starting with the library statements up till the moment that you call the idle_time function?

> library(bupaR)
> library(edear)
> library(eventdataR)
> library(processanimateR)
> library(processmapR)
> library(processmonitR)
> library(xesreadR)
> daten1  <- read_xes('testdaten-mit-name.xes',validate = FALSE)
> idle_time(cols=c(daten1), level_of_analysis=c("log"),units=c("mins"))%>%
>   plot()


Hello @Faruk ,

looking at the attributes of daten1 I think that only some columns are of interest. In the screenprint I display these columns for the first 16 rows (containing all rows of CASE_concept_name 1 and one row of the following case).
I am amateur in your field but I think you have two problems:

  • You get Inapplicable method for 'idle_time' applied to object of class "list".
    This could be caused by your specification of cols=c(daten1) .
    Why not specify `idle_time(daten1, ....)
  • You get empty results because there are no start and end records.
    In the data you use I see only one 'Lifecycle transition' i.e. lifecycle_id and that is 'complete'.
    I would expect to have some start AND and end indication such as is the case for the patients dataset.
    But of course I could be wrong.

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@HanOostdijk I think you are right it is because there not start and end records for the acitivity instances...

Before i have change the dataset with the Mining Tool ProM because the Data got double complete events and with this changes i think i loose other values of the lifecycle_id

Thank you for your help

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