Need Help with time shows in bupaR

Hey dear,

I have a problem to create a depiction about the metric idle_time...


with that code I get a picture, but the picture is empty, there is only on the side a description with Resources and on the bottom idle time in(units)

I want to create a Idle_time picture about the analysis level log or case, but if I use the code

idle_time(cols=c(daten1), level_of_analysis=c("log"),units=c("mins"))%>%

i get the error message
Error in UseMethod ("idle_time"):
Inapplicable method for 'idle_time' applied to object of class "list"
i hope that you can Help me

Hello @Faruk ,

I see that you pose the same question as your earlier one and apparently now with success: at least you get an answer by me :upside_down_face:.

I think the reason that had you no responses is probably that you give too little context:

  • idle_time appears to be a function but you do not mention from which package
  • daten1 appears to be the name of a variable (because if not you should have used quotes around it 'daten1'
  • it would also help if you mentioned the data that you want to use here.
    In your previous posting you mentioned an xmldataset.
    Did you succeed in reading it? If not: can you show us what you did. If successful can you show us the first rows of the data.frame (if that was the result of the import)?

I overlooked the title of your posting that says "in bupaR".
But idle_time is not known in this package.