Need install python-tk in linux enviroment

I need install python-tk for use the R's shapper package, how to do it?

Hi Ronald, welcome!

Are you talking about this package?

If that is the case, then you need to install the shap Python library using
shapper::install_shap() I can't find any reference to a python-tk library dependency

Anyways, you can install python libraries from R using the reticulate package with the py_install() function e.g. reticulate::py_install(c("numpy", "pandas"))

Yes. But when I do install_shap() I have an error about for this package in Linux ("check if python-tk is available")

Try running this on a system terminal sudo apt install python3-tk

yes, I tried, but I need the password of sudo. I registered in with Google Account

Well, you should make that clear from the beggining, this has to be addressed by rstudio people, there is not much that you can do about it, I have changed the category to #rstudio-cloud let's waith for them to chime in.

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