Need to eliminate the format

I have sample input values with the below format

I need to remove the brackets and the single character before second open bracket (i.e. P). I want the output as below


anyone have tried this kind of handling ??


You can do this using some regex and the stringr library


#The values to change
values = c("{XXXX}{P22}", "{XXXX}{P265}", "{XXXX}{D26}")

#Only keep the groups of interest between ()
values = str_replace(values, "\\{(.*)\\}\\{.(\\d+)\\}", "\\1\\2")

#> [1] "XXXX22"  "XXXX265" "XXXX26"

Created on 2020-10-01 by the reprex package (v0.3.0)

Details on the regex

  • a \ means to ignore a special character and just interpret it as as. Since we have to escape \ in R, this becomes a double \\ for the regex pattern
  • The perentheses () denote a capture group, i.e. everything that matches between them is saved
  • .* means everything that matches
  • \d+ means one or more numeric values
  • The \1\2 in the second part refer to the capture groups of the first part at will only display these results

Hope this helps,


Finally your solution worked.

Thanks PJ

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