Need to migrate from Deducer to RStudio question

Hi all,

I have been relying on Deducer for > 10 years as a UI to R, but apparently Deducer is no longer supported. Clearly with Hadley involved, RStudio is going to be a going concern for the foreseeable future. I have multiple tasks saved as code that are run repetitively with new data sets. I used Deducer to extract summary stats and also plotting. Deducer had a ggreat plot interface so it was very easy to create new plots.

I assume RStudio will do the same.

What will be the easiest way to modify all of my saved code (set for Deducer) to run with RStudio?
Example below:

BatStats<-Deducer::descriptive.table (vars = d(Dur,Fmin,Fmax,Fmean,Fk,Fc,Sc,Pmc),data= BatStats,func.names =c("Valid N" ,"Minimum","Maximum","Mean","St. Deviation","25th Percentile","75th Percentile"), func.additional= list(p10=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.10), na.rm=TRUE),p90=function(x) quantile(x, c(0.90), na.rm=TRUE)))

## Write the results **Change output name and directory ##for stats.

write.csv(BatStats,file="C:\\=Bat data working\\Acoustic Parameters\\completed\\Lasega_Stats.csv")

Tnx for any suggestions

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