Need to transfer Packages from Rgui to RStudio

Today I updated to R 4.3.1 using Rgui. I went through the steps of updating, and
kept my old packages but they are all in the R gui . I need to transfer them to RStudio but I don't know how?
Could somebody help me out please?
I've looked in the R gui they are in there, but I need to bring them over to RStudio.

In R-studio go to tools\global options\R
If the directory of R session is updated to your new R version, then you are all set up.
R-Studio does not have it's own R-engine and takes all packages info from R-Gui

Thanks for the reply,
Unfortunately there are packages in my Rgui installation that are not in RStudio.
So, there must be a way to import the existing packages in the R gui that I don't know about.

Did you mean that you checked the "Packages" tab in RStudio but could not find the packages you installed in your new installation of R (4.3.1)?
When you opened RStudio, was the version of the R session opened inside RStudio 4.3.1?
If yes, go to "Tools -> Global Options" and check whether the R version points to the R 4.3.1 you just downloaded.
Things unlikely went wrong there but you may want to rule out some possibilities first (RStudio using another version of R, or somehow there are more than one copy of R of the same version, which can happen in some OSs).

I updated to R 4.3.1 using the R gui as suggested by updater. I also updated RStudio to the latest version.
I changed the option in RStudio to reflect R 4.3.1, but there are packages that are listed in the R gui
that are not in R Studio. That is my dilemma.
It's not a big thing, when I need a package I'll have to reinstall it. But it's a bit inconvenient.
I'm not going to worry too much about it.

Just to clarify, there is no such thing as transferring packages between R and RStudio. RStudio is just an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for the R programming language, it doesn't have its own package library. Have in mind that it is possible to have several versions of R installed in your system and most likely your RStudio installation is configured to use a different one than the one you are executing with the R GUI.
My recommendation is to check your settings, specially your .libPaths()

Thanks for your reply! I think I've got it worked out now.
All the best,

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