Need Troubleshooting ideas: App runs normally for a few hours and then throws a connection refused error.

We host a number of shiny apps on a local server using shiny-server. Recently, we have run into an issue where one of our apps will function normally and then after a day or so, when the shiny app is opened, shiny-server is unable to connect. The page displays a "The application has exited unexpectedly error." showing that the connection was refused.

It is possible that this is a server issue, but none of the other shiny apps on the server seen to be throwing this error. When this error is thrown by the shiny application, other shiny applications in the same directory still run correctly. The app also runs fine on the same server if the code copied from the shiny app folder and run on an R studio instance on the same server. When simple example code is placed in the unfunctioning app folder, the app still will not run, even if it is a simple hello world application, leading me to believe that the issue is connected to shiny-server and not the app code itself. If the server is rebooted, the app begins to function normally again before crashing again sometime later. Any ideas what may be causing this issue?

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