New column missing in analogue Stratiplot


I am new to R and wonder if anyone can help? I want to divide columns by other columns to make new columns. Then I would like to draw the columns but they are missing from my output diagram. Why are my new columns missing? Maybe the new columns are in the wrong format, but how can I check?


> #Make a new column by dividing one column by another
> DF$Sicps <- DF$Si / DF$cps
> DF$Scps <- DF$S / DF$cps
> DF$Kcps <- DF$K / DF$cps
> DF$Ticps <- DF$Ti / DF$cps
> DF$Fecps <- DF$Fe / DF$cps
> DF$Srcps <- DF$Sr / DF$cps

> #Draw diagram including new columns, the listed elements are ones I do not want to include
> library(analogue)
> Stratiplot(DF[-grep("depth|position|sample.surface|validity|label|MSE|Al|Si|P|S|Cl|K|Ca|Ti|V|Cr|Mn|Fe|Co|Ni|Cu|Zn|Ga|Ge|As|Se|Br|Rb|Sr|Y|Zr|In|Sb|Ba|Gd|Tb|Tm|Ta|Wa|Pb|SiTi", colnames(DF))],
+            DF$depth,
+            varTypes = "absolute",
+            absolutesize = "1",
+            strip = TRUE,
+            ylab = as.character("Depth [mm]")
+ )
#Where are the new columns Sicps, Scps, Kcps, Ticps,Fecps, Srcps?

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