New in the Rstudio

#How could i do this:
#Generate a new column of type factor, named grade and classify the

entities as follows:

high: Colima and Tepic;

low: Morelia and Puebla;

middle: Morelos and Guerrero;

very high: Tabasco.

Is this a homework question?

yes, i try this:
df_lab3$grado <- factor(df_lab3$edo_nac_fac,
lavels = c( "alto", "bajo", "medio", "muy alto"),
labels = c(("Colima", "Tepic"), ("Morelia", "Puebla"),
("Morelos", "Guerrero"), "Tabasco")
but doesnt run doesnt

You need to use c() to join two strings into a vector, like this:

c("Colima", "Tepic")

Please read the community homework policy linked above.

im going to read it

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