New package for Linear Modeling (OLS and GLM) fast and simple

Hi everyone !

I am a french student and I recently finished an R package called ModBrowse which aims to speed up Linear Modeling on R. How ?

I often worked with a package called "olsrr" to compute a large number of OLS and pick the right one. The problem was that is was too slow (backed by a for loop) and too specific as I could not compute other GLMs.

So, I created ModBrowse. It is a simple and small package that can help you in your research for the best model(s) to find. You can simulate OLS, GLMs, No intercept models and many other features.

It relies on the vectorial nature of R so it's very powerful (I made time comparison between ModBrowse and olsrr in the website here under).

Here is the link to the package website:

You will find every necessary information and reasons to pick it.

I have learned R for a bit more than 9 months so if you have any feedbacks do not hesitate !

Thanks a lot !

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