New R user unable to install RStudio on Mac OS X 10.9.5 due to "damaged file"

Brand new baby R user here (I still have no idea what I'm doing), day 1 and just trying to install RStudio. It downloads but when I try to open after installing, I keep getting a message during verification that it is damaged and needs to be moved to the trash. I have tried downloading and installing on Firefox and Safari. My Mac OS X is 10.9.5. Please help? :frowning:

Hi, and welcome.

Going to the download site and clicking on the download link will send a file to your home directory's Downloads folder.

Two problems can cause what you are seeing:

  1. A poor internet connection that results in a bad package installments. (This can be due to network congestion anywhere along the route.)

  2. Trying to open the pkg file before it is finished downloading.

Thank you for your reply! It turns out I'm just a bit of a dummy...the RStudio clearly stated it was for OS 10.12 and above, and for some reason I didn't realize my 10.9.5 was lower than 10.12... :neutral_face: Upgraded my Mac OS and now I am good to go! This may not bode well for future R endeavors if I have this much difficulty just installing it properly but I will remain optimistic!

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Great. Please see FAQ: How do I mark a solution? and mark your answer (no false modesty!) as the solution for the benefit of those to follow.

And don't feel bad about the OS version--I'm on 10.15.2, and I should have caught it!

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