New to coding and R, got a warning message related to graphic version

Hello I am new to programming n all, starting with R thanks to coursera... I am facing some issues here with Rstudio. I have installed Rstudio (1.1.463) and R(4.1.3) on my windows 7 ultimate 32 bit laptop (I believe those are the latest version supported by windows 7 32 bit, let me know if I am wrong). on running my first code, I got a warning message saying "R graphics engine version 14 is not supported by this version of RStudio". After this, Plot tab is just somewhat disabled. There are some other similar discussions but I guess they were able to upgrade but since I can't because of my OS, got any other solutions? like downgrading Rstudio and/or R to some other version?

I think your only choice if you want to enable the plot panel is to downgrade R to something less than R 4.X

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