newbie friendly guide or assistance to use shiny.telemetry

I am trying to add some logging that will enable me to understand how much my simple shiny apps are being used. However, as horribly often, I am finding the documentation, here that of the shiny.telemetry package at is giving a skeletal introduction which is probably fine for IT professionals but which is baffling and frustrating for me. I think I have set up an sqlite repository correctly in an online R session with:

  app_name = "(dashboard)",
  data_storage = shiny.telemetry::DataStorageSQLite$new(db_path = file.path("/srv/shiny-server/telemetry.sqlite"))

And I have tweaked one of my apps ( following the instructions in GitHub - Appsilon/shiny.telemetry: Easy logging of users activity and session events of your Shiny App. What I have done is (top of the app):

### CImean


### trying to get telemetry working
telemetry <- Telemetry$new() # 1. Initialize telemetry with default options

# Define UI for application that does the work
ui <- fluidPage(
  ### next bit of telemetry
  use_telemetry(), # 2. Add necessary Javascript to Shiny

and at the start of the server:

# Define server logic required
server <- function(input, output, session) {
### final bit of telemetry
telemetry$start_session() # 3. Minimal setup to track events

I then looked at the dashboard example Appsilon provide but really don't understand how to configure it for my sqlite implementation nor do I really understand the library at all so I'm stumped to even know if what I've done is logging things. I strongly suspect it isn't as the telemetry.sqlite file I created isn't changing date stamp or size despite my using the app.

I would appreciate any help with this. Failing direct help, is there somewhere to find reliable shiny consultants. My work is zero income charitable so I can't afford Appsilon's sort of price structure. Are there places to go below that?!