Newly created space disappeared

I created a new space in my account and was able to change some settings as recommended by Mine for a course that I'm developing. I (think) I then switched workspaces or logged out. Now the space isn't showing up in the list of spaces in the side bar and when I click on + New Space and fill in the name for the space I get a message saying I have reached the limit for spaces on my account.

Is there any way to get back to the space I created? Or should I not have been able to create a new space without having upgraded my account in the first place?


I'm sorry you are experiencing issues while trying to create a new space, would you be able to check your account's space list, as the newly created space may still be listed there. Here's how:

  1. Open the menu to the right of your user icon, to see find your personal account.

  2. Click on your account followed by the spaces tab:

If the space is listed under your account but not on the space nav list to the left, then it may be that you are no longer a member of the space. You can access spaces in your account through this list, at which point, it is possible to add yourself back to the space.

If the space does not appear on this list it would be helpful if we had a bit more information, such as:
-What is your account identifier? (This can be found in the account's page URL).
-Also, if you remember what the name of this newly created space is.


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Thanks @KarenMedina Yes, I can see it in the account:

I have no idea how I got myself to now be a member of the space - it's not something I did knowingly.

How do I add myself back to this space?


I'm happy to hear you found the space.

In order to add yourself back into the space please click on the space name, in blue, just below your user icon.

Once in the space click on the Members tab at the top of the page:

Then click on the Add Member button.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.



That's awesome @KarenMedina. Thank you so much; I'm now back in.

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