NEWS and/or CHANGELOGS in package manager

I'm using RStudio packager manager, and wonder if it's it possible to access the changelog or News file of packages.

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Yes, they're here:


Sorry, I meant the changelog of the packages not of RStudio package manager.

Ah, sorry. Missed that last word in your post! It's not currently possible, but it's an interesting feature request. Can you say a little more about what you'd be hoping to get from the NEWS/CHANGELOGs?


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So we manage a few RStudio package managers for clients. One of the key features that's useful is being able to easily distribute internal packages. However, users would like to know what has changed in a package when it's been updated, e.g. NEWS or a changelog.

A user might not have access to the underlying git repo, not for security purposes, but just to simplify things for new starts.


Thanks for sharing those details! That's an interesting use case. I'll definitely share this internally.

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