No code in my project in RStudio Cloud


I'm having trouble with opening my project
As I opened it today, I saw only files that were loaded but not scripts, and it looks like they were deleted. Surely I didn't do that. Relaunching the project didn't solve the problem.
Is it possible to recover my scripts? I can write them once again, but it'll take some time, don't like the idea to spend it.

Thanks in advance!


I am sorry to hear you are having problems! Could you please be more specific about what was deleted in your project? It sounds like perhaps it was code written in the R console? If that is the case, although we attempt to preserve all state in the RStudio IDE including environment variables and console history from the session, in some cases that may not be possible. We are working on improving our ability to consistently restore the environment between sessions but at this time we strongly recommend users save important work in files and/or in Github via the Github integration.

I apologize for the inconvenience.


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