No internet during a road trip, can i still use RStudio?

Hello, I am new to everything about programming. I have just downloaded CRAN and RStudio, but have not had success replicating code I am learning on Data Camp. This weekend I will be a passenger on a seven hour road trip and want to try out ideas that I have saved, but my computer will have no access to the internet while driving. Will I be able to run any code or is there something I need to do in order to use RStudio during this time?
Thank you!

If you have R and the desktop version of RStudio installed in your system then you only need to make sure you have all the packages you want to use already installed, that they can be successfully loaded and that you have local copies of any data you want to use.

Thanks, just to clarify... if I want to use rmarkdown or tidyverse I need to download them and make sure they are loaded before I leave? Or can I install them after I am on the go?

Packages get installed from the internet by default (you can also install from a local file but this method makes no sense in your case) so, yes, you need to install all the packages you need before you go offline. You don't need to have them loaded on an R session before you go but making sure they load properly and that they are not missing any package dependency (that you would need to install from the internet) would be a good idea.

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