No packages are installing for me


I am reasonably new to R and have been struggling to install any packages since upgrading to the latest version (4.2.1) on Thursday. I have been trying to install "remotes" but i keep getting error messages, this is true for every package i try to install, including packages i have installed in the past.

This is the error message i get every time i try to install a package:

sh: tar: command not found
Warning in install.packages :
error in running command
Warning in install.packages :
'tar' returned non-zero exit code 127
Error in install.packages : file ‘/var/folders/j3/ll8nh0_j335dx_09mny00phc0000gn/T//RtmpjUNsao/downloaded_packages/remotes_2.4.2.tgz’ is not a macOS binary package

I am using a macbook pro with monterey version 12.4

any help would be greatly appreciated.


are you trying to install manually? or by Rstudio installer?

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