No such file or directory issue following the official Packrat guide to create local repositories

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Hello Community,

I am trying to set up a local package repository on a windows machine, and following the official guide I get several issues.

First, I can finish to the point where I build the package in the temp-folder copy the files from the temporary folder to my local folder.

But I finally get the issue that there is no such file or directory when using

install.packages("sashimi", type = "source")

So I got curious and tried this out using a Linux machine and from what I can tell the whole tutorial worked as expected, but on windows it doesnt.

I suspect it`s an issue with install.packages getting the wrong path to find the DESCRIPTION-File?

getOptions("repos") returns 


Solved. Needed to change

cranURI <- paste("file://", normalizePath(localCRAN, winslash = "/"), sep = "")


cranURI <- paste("file:", normalizePath(localCRAN, winslash = "/"), sep = "")
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