"node stack overflow" error when deploying

Apologies for the newbie post (first shiny app and first community topic)...

I am attempting to upload my first app to shinyapps.io but encounter a nondescript error 'node stack overflow' that entirely halts execution of the deployment.

I encounter this error when deploying via console in R Studio, and when I use the "Publish" option from the RStudio menu.

I get the same error regardless of which app I try to deploy (my new app or a basic 'hello world' example), but my colleagues are all able to deploy these apps successfully from their computers to the same shinyapps.io account.

Has anyone seen this? Happy to share code if it might help, but the error seems to occur regardless of the app.

Interesting! Thanks for posting! I haven't seen this particular error, but someone may have!

Do you mind sending your full "deployment log"? You can also ratchet up the logging verbosity by going to Tools -> Global Options -> Publishing -> Show diagnostic information when publishing in the IDE. One last way to increase verbosity even more is by setting:

options(rsconnect.http.verbose = TRUE)

Sharing this information will help us get a sense for where / why the error is being thrown. The other piece that might be helpful is sharing the output of devtools::session_info() after a deployment fails, so we can see what package versions you are using.

I take it this deployment has failed multiple times? The easiest one to debug is the "hello world," since we can know that there is no subtle issue going on in your code.