Nomogram with rms-package for binary outcome

Dear all,

I want to create a nomogram/3-d surface showing the probability of being male by weight and height.

df <- data.frame(
  sex=factor(rep(c("0", "1"), each=200)),
  weight=round(c(rnorm(200, mean=55, sd=5),
                 rnorm(200, mean=65, sd=5))),
  height=round(c(rnorm(200, mean=160, sd=10),
                rnorm(200, mean=170, sd=10)))

lm3  <- rms::Glm(sex ~ weight + height, data=df, family="binomial")
plot(nomogram(lm3, weight=seq(40,100,by=2), height=seq(150,200,by=5), fun=plogis, lp="Prob of being male"))
bplot(Predict(lm3, weight=seq(40,100,by=2), height=seq(150,200,by=5)))

Problem 1: I do not manage to make the "outcome" axis "logarithmic".
Problem 2: I need to set certain limits for the continuous variables. Is there any default? The nomogram-Code does not work currently.

Current example for the bplot (on the right, the "outcome"/dependent variable is not logarithmic?


Thank you for your help!

I found the solution:

For defining limits, you have to use datadist:

dd <-   datadist(df)
 options(datadist = "dd")

To change the axis, use:

    fun = function(x)1/(1+exp(-x)))

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