Non-Programing-Problem. I'm a loop.. keeps getting disconected and loose my work

Hi all, starting in RStudio, i'm trying to do some cleaning but cannot go forward, it keeps getting disconected, shows the below error:

-I download the datasets, run a Rename function, want to see how it looks like, but when press the new data sets to view, it says "End of the data"

  • gets disconnected and says: "The previous session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash. you may have lost workspace data due to that crash"
    -And I have to start all over.
    -sometimes it happens just after downloading the datasets. cannot go further!

  • what should I check to see what i'm doing wrong?


The data frame is to big to be loaded into the data viewer, if you want to have a glance of the content load only the first row or a random sample.

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Hi all! I keep having the same error, RStudio getting closed, no idea why, and loosing my work. I`m not trying to view anything, just run any query and after a while it gets disconnected. :confused:
Any ideas?

You have several big files in there, if you are using a free RStudio Cloud account you are limited to 1GB of RAM so you might be running out of RAM memory.

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