Not able to run index.html file under Public folder

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I have a website using hugo-universal-theme. Everything is good. But there is file called index.html under Public folder. i am not able to run it. not Sure why. Could you please help me in this?

below is for your reference


Please be more specific, why are you not able to run it? do you get any error message? what are the steps to reproduce your issue?

As it is right now, your question is hardly related to R or RStudio


the page will be loading for long time and then thepage appear. But The page i very different from the actual website . Not sure why. Also I when I click on blogs, the next page I see is full of folders. Why do I not see any images, pictures etc

You can't just open an index.html file and get the full website as it should like when it is served from a web server.

You either need to publish the website to a webserver or use a local webserver to preview the website. I believe you are talking about blogdown. Have a look a the documentation:

Hope its helps.

Thanks. But are you sure? Because I found a similar issue below and they have solved it. I tried as per there instructions but still not

I am pretty sure this is the recommended way and you need to serve the site to preview it. It is even mentioned in the Hugo documentation for hugo website

blogdown::serve_site helps you do that.

However, I guess you can find some configuration to get correct path for all your ressources. This is by the way what blogdown::serve_site is doing : It replaces the base url configurations depending on the option relativeurls.

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There is a way to do that actually: see

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