Not publishing from Preview in

I am having students publish notebooks to, but I've run into an error message when using the Preview -> Publish route:

"Unsupported Document Format

Only documents rendered to HTML can be published to RPubs. To publish this document, click Knit or Preview to render it to HTML, then click the Publish button above the rendered document."

This seems odd, since I'm in the Preview pane when I get this message.

I have used "Knit to HTML" and that does work just fine. I'm also able to publish from the Preview with RStudio desktop.

I would have students always use Knit to HTML, but we're getting some data with rtweet and Knit wants to run all the code prior to generating the web page, and that doesn't seem to work.

I read a previous topic with a related problem, and I do have rsconnect .8.13.

This may be an issue with the preview release of RStudio 1.2 that we are running in
What version of RStudio are you running on your desktop?

I'm using 1.1463 of Desktop.

It looks like this is an overall 1.2 problem as I was able to reproduce on desktop version 1.2.1256. I went ahead and put it as a bug.

Once we are able to fix this, we can update with the fix. Thanks for the report!

Thanks for reporting it for me. You're all very fast!

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