Number of Weeks in a month

How can we get number of weeks form a Date.

2022 Jan 5 weeks
2022 Feb 4 weeks


# Example Data 
# Looking to add Number of Weeks Column next to Date using mutate. But not sure, how to achieve the number of weeks in a given month.

df <- data.frame(
  Date = c("2018 Jan","2018 Jan","2018 Jan","2018 Jan",
           "2018 Feb","2018 Feb","2018 Feb","2018 Feb"))

df$Date <- ym(df$Date)

the answer to this question must depend on what a week is; what does it mean that January 2022 has 5 weeks...
Its surely not that it has 7*5=35 days. do you want to count the mondays ? or are you looking to find how many times 7 days goes into each month, which in january is 31/7 = 4.428571 (which does not round up to 5)

If you go for the non-rounding option in Nirgrahamuk's answer, an approach could be to take the last day of the month, and compute the difference in weeks:

last_day <- function(d){
  month(d) <- month(d) + 1
  d - ddays(1)

         units = "weeks")
#> Time difference of 4.285714 weeks

to get info on num weeks by simple division, for all months, you can do



     Jan      Feb      Mar      Apr      May      Jun      Jul      Aug      Sep      Oct      Nov      Dec 
4.428571 4.000000 4.428571 4.285714 4.428571 4.285714 4.428571 4.428571 4.285714 4.428571 4.285714 4.428571

Thanks @nirgrahamuk & @AlexisW !
These options work great. I will just consider anything more than 4.4 as 5 weeks for now and 4 weeks otherwise.

But this is helpful. Thank you both!

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