Obtain a record number based on previous data

I have a software that records people's polls daily in an Excel file. Unfortunately, my service was down for 10 days and I was not able to record people's polls. The number of daily polls is not known and depends on the people. Now I want to generate data for that 10 days. Given that the number of daily polls is not known, how can I get the number of polls for those 10 days?


Your question is a bit confusing. Are you trying to impute the data, i.e. guess what the data would have looked like for those 10 days based on individual's previous data? In that case there are a few packages out there that can help with just that, mice being one the most popular.

There are a lot of tutorials out on the internet on how to use this package for different data types, so I suggest you just search for it with Google.

Here are some examples

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