Obtaining n from a svyby command

Hello. I need to get n (sample size) with the svyby() command. I am using this sentence:

b<-svyby(~Con, ~Num+Marco, diseño, svytotal, deff=TRUE, unwtd.count=TRUE, keep.var=TRUE, vartype=c("se","ci","cvpct","unwtd.count"),na.rm.by=FALSE, na.rm.all=FALSE)

But when I go to the results this is what I get:

Num Marco Con se ci_l ci_u cv% DEff.Con
Otros.1 Otros 1 182 10.886545 160.662765 203.337235 5.981618 1.953575

I am showing only the first row of results; however, from there it can be seen that there is no sample size in the output. What should I change in the sintax in order to obtain the sample size of every class created in the interaction of Num and Marco.


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