Odd behavior in **Source** Window

Greetings all,
I have an odd behavior occurring in the Source window of the IDE.

I have a very lone script (long for me) with several plots and tables, etc. I am finding that when I run my source code all the plots, etc. are displayed as should be. However, I believe that when I make a small change such as text (unrelated to the plots) I loose some of my plots.

For example, when I run this code I initially get the Two plots but after small changes not to that area I loose a plot. See the image below. I only have one plot showing now. This occurs in two parts with different graphics.

Should this occur? How should I diagnose this issue. Where would someone start?

PS. Let me know if you need more info, I may have left out info...

Hi, can you post a reproducible example, called a reprex? Doesn't have to be the whole code, just enough to surface the behavior that's creating trouble.

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