One-column Heatmap

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I am qiute new in the world of R, so i would like to ask, if it's possible to create a diagramm that looks like a heatmap for only one column. So now I have two varables, the depth and the chemical value and my target is to color the depths according to their chemical values, nearly like in this photo.

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have you been working with ggplot2 before? If so, then you can use the geom_tile to create something like the graphic you posted.

Here an example:

# create a tibble with one column for depth and one for the value
depth<-seq(from=0, to=5,by=0.5)

# plot the heatmap 
 # add label inside the tiles:   
 #  flip y axis:
  scale_y_reverse(breaks = depth)+
 # remove x axis lable 
  theme( axis.text.x=element_blank())

From a data frame like this:

  depth value
   <dbl> <int>
 1   0       2
 2   0.5    16
 3   1      12
 4   1.5     7
 5   2      14
 6   2.5    19
 7   3      13
 8   3.5    15
 9   4       8
10   4.5    18
11   5       4

You will get this graphic:

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ggplot2 is new for me, but i just tried it and it works great. Thanks you very much for your help, kind regards, cacadu

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