OneDrive issues

I have used R for about 6 months and had managed to get R Markdown working and was slowly ( due to other commitments) developing my skills. I find R very useful but it is the outputs not the actual computing that interests me.
My PC recently went wrong and the repair required a reinstall of Window10.
In order to get Word and Excel i had to download MS365 with the dreaded OneDrive.
Now there is a problem. Whenever I open up R Studio I get a popup saying.Renviron is downloading from OneDrive. I really have no idea about all this .Renviron stuff but clearly it and OneDrive are stopping me using R.
I do hope there is someone out there who can provide doable advice for someone who likes R but is not particularly PC savvy other than that.
I mainly wish to use for visualisation and creating R markdown documents for teaching docs.
Appreciate this may seem simple for some but for me it is a major pain. Apologies for lack of knowledge but the idea of messing around with registries fills me with dread

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