Only column names showing in environment pane.

Couple days ago this began. Cannot prview the data in my environment pane. The data will load in my other panel so I can work on it just fine. I reinstalled RStudio, but same result any thoughts as to possible fix?

What happens if you click "Update" (the button to the right of the File/Url field)?

I am not at my home computer at the moment, but I will be sure to try later today. Thanks!

So Mara, I tried the Update button and...nothing, but thanks for the suggestion. Am I the only person that this has happened to?

This is unfortunately a regression caused by the latest version of the tibble package (2.0.0). We're tracking the issue here:


Thanks for your reply. I suppose, at some point in the near future, it will just return to status quo.

Great news, this morning after a tibble pkg update, all is well in my environment pane and I can see the whole of the data set. Thank you!


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