Open University Stats for all - Shiny Contest Submission

Open University Stats for all

Authors: David Felipe Rubio Méndez

Abstract: Unal graduates dashboard shows the number of university graduates across differents categories such sex, age, place of birth... it is possible to view most of this information within the campuses and the faculties of those campuses.

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Unal Graduates


Unal graduates is a shiny web app containing the graduates' information of Universidad Nacional de Colombia since 2009 for the use of the entire community.
This project is created to make public the statistics and indicators of the university not only graduates data, for that reason this app uses his own functions (UnalR)
to make the maps, charts and tables that are shown, these functions aren't exclusive for this data, anyone who wants to use these functions are free to do so for any context.

Keywords: Public Information, University, Education, Dashboard
Shiny app: UNAL Graduates
RStudio Cloud: RStudio Cloud


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Almost every university has its Website, which publishes detailed information about faculties, tuition, and even graduates. I consider it a point of pride to be on the lookout for the best university graduates. Most young people choose a college, but I prefer a university education. Higher education does not primarily teach a major but where to find information and how to process it to learn a major on your own. I believe is the best choice. However, the decision to pursue higher education should be purely individual.