Opening Project never finishes

For the last 5 or 6 days I haven't been able to open any projects, I get to the Opening Project whirligig graphic and it just keeps on spinning. This happens with my two saved projects, or when opening the the Stan provisioned project from the link on,

I am accessing through a chromebook and I have no problem logging in and seeing my saved project listing. I started having the problem at home in Boston, but I still have the same problem this morning in New Mexico.

That's a bit unusual. Are you able to create new projects? Also does anything unusual show up in your javascript console or network tab when you trying to open the project?

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Thanks for the response.

Looking at the console reminded me that I'm running the Dev release of ChromeOS which updated around the time that this problem started. That is probably the problem, either a new feature or a new bug rolling out in Chrome 73.0.3680.0. So you could just call it my own fault for playing with fire.

The Chrome 73 console is reporting:

waiting for connection with session id 959066
project-frame.js:123 connecting to
VM20 jquery.min.js:2 [Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
send @ VM20 jquery.min.js:2
ajax @ VM20 jquery.min.js:2
getSettings @ VM25 shinyapps.js:39
(anonymous) @ VM25 shinyapps.js:1
(index):75 Application not loaded. Retrying in 250ms
(index):75 Application not loaded. Retrying in 500ms
(index):75 Application not loaded. Retrying in 750ms
(index):75 Application not loaded. Retrying in 1000ms
(index):75 Application not loaded. Retrying in 1250ms
(index):75 Application loaded in 7361ms (5)

The Network pane shows that script fetch 29.cache.js has status (canceled), the fetch was initiated by VM32 rstudio-0.js:10102. The VM?? prefix changes between reloads.

I can create a new project, but it never opens. It shows up in the workspace listing as Untitled Project when I back out of the open.

I cannot volunteer to test the theory that it's Chrome 73.0.3680.0, because it would require a complete wipe of the chromebook to get back to a less bleeding edge release.

Offhand that sounds like the issue... I'm on OSX and locally I'm running chrome version 71.0.3578.98 and can load projects. However if I switch over to the current dev build (version 73.0.3679.0) I stop being able to load projects.


It turned out the IDE team flagged an issue with a development version of chrome four days ago that would cause this behavior. We believe it's fixed right now on canary so I would suggest trying to update to 74.0.3686.0 and see if that resolves the issue.


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Thanks for checking on that.

I will wait for the Dev channel to update which should not take too long.

This problem resolved itself for me when my chromebook updated to version 73.0.3683.20

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