Organize bookdown chapters into "parts"

Currently, I have a bookdown project structure similar to the one that is recommended: 12.2 Project structure | R Markdown: The Definitive Guide

However, these files are becoming long. I am using subchapters, and subsubchapters, etc.

Is there a way to break up these .Rmd files, and make subchapters into chapters, and subsubchapters into subchapters? And then group the chapters into "parts?"Perhaps there's some lesser-known option I can specify for _bookdown.yml.

Did you look into the gitbook() format documentation ?

There is a split_by option you could maybe use.

Otherwise, bs4_book() is organized by one chapter per file.

I think this is the only configuration available for now. You would need to rething the structure of your book.
PART header can be a way to organize your content: 2.2 Markdown extensions by bookdown | bookdown: Authoring Books and Technical Documents with R Markdown

Hope it helps

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thank you! this is very helpful.

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