Organizing your bookmarks


I'm a very curious (and forgetful :slight_smile: person, and like a jay I tend to find small tidbits of information all around the digital space, bookmark them in some way...and then forget about them entirely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I end up having different sources of truth scattered all over the Internet:

Initially my approach was to star stuff in the various communities (e.g. GitHub and SE) from my profiles (btw this works better in GitHub than in SE because I get better notifications if my favorite answers are updated). But now that I belong to even more communities, this starts to become unwieldly (I can save posts here too, but it's unlikely I'll remember about them later on, unless they later get modified and Discourse notifies me about it). Also, this leaves blog posts out...for those I simply use Chrome bookmarks, which is suboptimal. Do you have any better ways of sifting through the Digital Chaos?