Orphaned package on windows build

I set up an R CMD CHECK github action via usethis::use_github_action_check_full().

The package I'm developing passes all the checks on the non-windows platforms, but for the windows platform gives me the following warning:

> checking package dependencies ... WARNING

Requires orphaned package: 'ggmap'

Which can be seen here. Looking for suggestions and/or solutions on why this may warning occurs on a Windows check but not the others and what I can do to resolve it.

I'd re-run the job, and I'd try to check the package on Windows with R-hub. https://r-hub.github.io/rhub/reference/check_shortcuts.html

I am guessing the job was using a broken version of the package DB. https://github.com/wch/r-source/blob/ecb3f045044b3cb0e6ec31fb24c559f559e1432c/src/library/tools/R/QC.R#L3135

Still perplexed,

I ran rhub::check_on_windows() fixed a few minor comments, submitted the changes, but still
have the same error concerning the orphaned package ggmap.

I think you're right about it using a broken version of the package DB, but what can I do about that?

So. I was told ggmap was actually orphaned at some point https://r-pkg.org/pkg/ggmap and the version number was not increased after it got de-orphaned.

I am not sure how you could make the WARNING disappear though (maybe you could install the package from GitHub -- only at the moment, not for CRAN submission? in any case reverse dependencies of ggmap don't seem to have the WARNING in their results see e.g. https://cran.r-project.org/web/checks/check_results_hurricaneexposure.html)

On R-hub you didn't get the WARNING, or did you?

For a CRAN submission, you'll probably have to explain the problem by writing to the r-package-devel mailing list first, as some CRAN maintainers read these emails. (if there's a WARNING, your submission can't go through).

If you don't intend your package to go on CRAN, try installing ggmap from GitHub (possibly from a GitHub release of ggmap)

No, no warning with R-hub.

The question I'm wondering is, why does the warning show up on the windows check, but not the others (ubuntu & mac)?

If it passes the others but not windows, doesn't that imply there is some inconsistency in the checking standards across platforms?