Output a List in Shiny UI


My application generates many list objects which I'd like to present in shiny in a nice format (i.e. think machine learned models). Right now it's easy to retrieve list elements through [[i]] syntax but I'm curious if there's a package or function which allows me (the developer) to arrange list elements into a nice looking output?

The following reprex is a simple example of several lists I'd like to present back on the UI as a nice looking shiny text report object which arranges the list outputs into a readable aggregation of lists. Like ggplot is able to present dataframe based graphs, I'm looking for something similar which allows presentation of text lists.

Any ideas? thanks


ui <- fluidPage(
titlePanel("List Output"),

server <- function(input, output) {

output$List <- renderText({
x <- c("Model Setting", "Upsample", "Remove", "Keep", "CV", "Repeats")
y <- c("rfFuncs", "Yes", "Yes", "Yes", 10, 2)
z <- c("General Comments about this Application")
w <- c("would like to create a nice looking shiny output for end user")
list <- list(x, y, z)
d <- list[[1]]

shinyApp(ui = ui, server = server)

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