Output plots and viewer to a separate pane or window in R Studio?

I am new to R and I have tried different configurations of the data panes that make me most comfortable and efficient.

I am curious if there is a way to change where "plot" and "viewer" tabs are so that they are accessed separately from other tab panes like "file" and "environment". I know that these tabs can be switched to a different pane using the pane layout options and users can zoom in on plots in a new window, but my objective is to create a completely new pane (a 5th pane separate from files, environment, source, and console).

I think adding a pane for plot and viewer output would greatly increase my work efficiency, but I have not found an option to do so. Also, I am not skilled enough at coding to create one.

If it is not possible to do this, should I submit a feature request? Where would I submit the request?

Hi @wayneroper and welcome to RStudio Community :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Like you said, I use the zoom button a lot. And I'm not sure you knew it, but if you leave the zoom window open, it updates with the new plots you make. So you may want to click on the button once and place it on your other screen and leave it there.

For feature requests, I am not quite sure where you can do it. Maybe someone else will let you know.

I did not know that the zoom window will update with new plots. I will try the zoom window for now because I think it will help and I hope that a new pane for plots and viewer output will be available in the future.

Thank you

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