Outputs are not being displayed when using multiple R scripts

Hi all,

First time posting here. I have a shiny app that is not rendering any of my outputs. These include a leaflet object, plots, text etc. This applies to both viewing app normally and online in a browser. This issue has occurred previously a few days ago where somethings were rendering and others weren't. Surprisingly, the issue disappeared, however has resurfaced.

I suspect that outputs are not being received somehow, as everything else (input widgets, images, text etc.) load fine, leaving blank white space where the outputs should be rendering. I have tried running the shiny.trace command prior to running the application to see messages sent between R and browser/session however no messages are displayed. I have asked a colleague to try run the app on their computer as well to no avail.

My R shiny application comprises of app.R, ui.R, and global.R, and several server.R files - whilst I compiled things into one file to make a reprex for this issue, I noticed that things were rendering a working as normal, and that shiny.trace was functioning properly.

Clearly, there is an issue somewhere in reading between the R scripts to produce the outputs.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi all,

I have managed to solve this issue.

I'd like to notify future users that may be presented with this issue that the issue was caused by having outputs sharing the same ID label. It turns out R shiny cannot have two outputs with identical labels which caused the other outputs to not render in either the R session/online browser.

It would be beneficial is this was hard coded and presented as an error or a warning in some way to make it more obvious. The only error I came across was by "inspecting elements" in an HTML page which highlighted that one of my plot IDs was "duplicated".

Upon further investigation on here and StackOverflow, I discovered that this is not viable in R shiny apps.


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