Package Autoloading due to syntax checking

When does R Studio autoload packages?

The above question has been closed, but I have more information. R Studio seems to autoload packages if the full package reference is used.
For example, I am using the SeuratDisk package. If my code is the following:
seuratData <<- LoadH5Seurat(...)
Nothing happens, but if I add the package specification:
seuratData <<- SeuratDisk::LoadH5Seurat(...)
The package gets loaded without running the program. I can see in the console that the package is loaded as soon as highlighting/code analysis occurs.

This is problematic because I need to use a custom library in a non-default path, but the autoloaded library comes from the default directory.
Please don't autoload packages.

would explicitly loading the package from the path you specificy solve your issue ?

library(SeuratDisk,lib.loc = )
seuratData <<- SeuratDisk::LoadH5Seurat(...)

Unfortunately, that doesn't make a difference because the library call is not executed until the program is run. If I make sure to load the library before the SeuratDisk:: code is written, it is OK, but I don't think I should have to do that.

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