Package for fast monte carlo simulation

I am currently using Microsoft R Open, which makes my matrix operations very fast. I still need a R package for fast monte carlo simulation. In general, I need a fast random number generator (actually I am not sure if using Microsoft R Open makes R base random number generator more performant); I also need a fast way of writing for loops. I use foreach package for fast for loops, but haven't test if it is good for monte carlo simulation.

PS: I am not considering writing my code in Rcpp.

In Efficient R programming, the authors recommend using the parallel package for fast Monte Carlo:

Thanks for your reply. What is the relation between parallel and foreach?

Also, is there any fast random number generator?

I'm not sure. Just giving you the pieces of info I know.

Looks like there are some answers on SO and elsewhere re random number generators, but fast is always relative so ¯(°_o)/¯:

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Thanks. I have installed them both.

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