Package Hex Emojis

I know I can reference a :package: with an emoji, but is there any way to reference a specific package and get the hex image, e.g. :dplyr:? Or is there a way to define your own emoji?

This site is powered by Discourse and it allows to add custom emojis:

Of course, it is up to admins to actually add hem. Although I'm not sure what would emoji for dplyr, tidyr etc be? Hex-stickers are probably too small to be legible.

That's a good point, they might be too hard to see. This is just resizing using MS paint, so I'm sure it could be done a little more clearly, but: dplyr

Maybe just the primary image from a sticker could be used, like the pliers for dplyr? Granted, I don't know why this would be a high priority for anyone, but I think it could be fun.

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