Packages specific to a project

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Need suggestions here.

In Shiny server pro, When I am installing the packages, we are loading at a global level, I mean that package version will be applicable for all projects
Is there a approach to make it project specific. Meaning under each project folder, we need to have packages installed.

For example,

Application ABC is using Package A : 1.1.1 -----------------
Application DFS is using Package A : 1.1.2 -----------------
Application SDF is using Package A : 1.1.3 -----------------

Now if we upgrade the Package SDF to 1.1.4 for Application 3, still the above applications (Application ABC and DFS ) should have 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 respectively

Is this possible to achieve?

You might want to check the renv package:

Introduction to renv • renv (

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