Passing http POST requests through Shiny Server

Hello Shiny experts! My application requires handling POST requests (Stripe webhooks). I have implemented POST request handling in my shiny app by following Joe Cheng's gist (Accepting POST requests from Shiny · GitHub). This works well on it's own, but when I use Shiny together with Shiny Server it fails because Shiny Server is blocking the POST requests and returning HTTP 400 errors. The Shiny Server access log looks like this:

::ffff:my.hidden.ip.address - - [13/Jan/2023:14:35:00 +0000] "POST /my/post/path HTTP/1.1" 400 16 "-" "Stripe/1.0 (+"

Is it possible to configure Shiny Server to pass through these POST requests to my Shiny app? Or some other possible workaround? Many thanks!