passing in a string to use as pattern for regex

Hi everyone!

I'm trying to read in multiple files from multiple folders based on a pattern by writing my own function for it. The function takes two arguments: the folder path and an "id" string variable that is on each file in the folder.

I think the issue is with the id argument and how to read the string that I would pass in as the id into the subsequent pattern and sub function.

Any insight would be extremely helpful! Thanks.

read_docs <- function (path, id) {
file_list <- c(list.files(path, pattern = "./id/.\.pdf",
all.files = FALSE, full.names = TRUE, recursive = FALSE, = TRUE, include.dirs = FALSE, no.. = FALSE)

for (i in file_list) {
name <- sub(".*'id' - (.?) -.", "\1", i)
assign(name, pdf_text(i))

Not 100% clear to me what you're after, but to use your function's id parameter in the pattern argument to list.files() you could use paste0() to create the string you need.

paste0("./", id, "/.\.pdf")

— Robert

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