people interested in working on rstudio pro docker + sssd/ldap/kerberos/sql

this is a setup specifically considering the rstudio pro docker image. and getting kerberos-based authentication setup without having to join the domain. (i.e. the idea should be that you can spin up a container anywhere/anytime without having to save the domain-join state)

if you domain-join the container then you can use realmd etc for a quick setup, but for non-domain-joined, PAM/SSSD is so difficult that it seems a bit silly to keep reinventing the wheel individually..

Also, advice on the internet rarely/never provides an entire working configuration to test with. which makes it even more difficult...

The r documentation is great but it's still a huge effort to get a working implementation...

Looking for a show of hands to see who would be interested on getting a working rstudio pro docker container with:

  • sssd against Active Directory
  • not domain joined.
  • logins kerberos
  • sql kerberos
  • drive mappings kerberos

I would have thought this would exist already,.. and that authenticating an rstudio pro docker container against Active Directory would be highly desirable for a lot of rstudio pro customers... but maybe not.

I have already completed an implementation here that does:

  • pam kerberos authentication against microsoft AD
  • reuse of kerberos ticket for microsoft sql auth
  • automated home directory creation
  • s6 overlay for service management (original tini service manager only manages 1 process)
  • doesnt need to do a domain join! (all other domain integrations i've seen on the net require a domain join which makes containerisation almost pointless if you need to save the state)
  • Included an Active Directory environment (Ansible) that you can spin upto verify the configuration works.

still missing is this stuff

  • kerberos-based drive mapping
  • not sure s6 is really capturing all the logs emitted
  • documentation

@croos would be very interested to see your (sanitized) config from your post including sssd.conf/krb5.conf/ etc etc

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