Perform non parametric test for continuous spectrum of data

I am having continuous spectrum of data which is calculated after fixed interval. I need to check its correlation with the categorical data.

Data explanation:
NMR_NO: sample number.
Classification: Three categories mainly Bad, Good and Intermediate (would mainly be used for comparison.
Conc_0.003.....Conc_0.0433...: These are continuous range of Conc. spectrum for each NMR sample.

As seen in sample data image, I need to check out for non parametric test. if column "Classification" have any relation with all the "Conc_0.003.....Conc_0.0433..." columns. I would prefer using R. But not understanding how to address continuous data input for non parametric test.

Questions to be answered is.. Do all bad/Good/ intermediate follow certain fixed pattern spectrum?

Note: The attached data is just sample data I have more than 197444 entries. So need program for it accordingly.

Thanks in advance.