Persistent data storage in Shiny apps documentation out of date

I'm working through this tutorial and I have a couple of problems.

One minor correction is that rdrop2 seems to have changed and we now require filePaths <- filesInfo$path_lower

More difficult is the recent acquisition of MongoLab by MongoDB Altas. I haven't been able to get the mongolite example to work. I created a collection and database, as well as a read/write user. The primary host I got from MongoDB is "" but I'm not sure if I need a port number.

options(mongodb = list(
	"host" = "",
	"username" = "simon_woodward",
	"password" = "its_a_secret"
databaseName <- "myshinydatabase"
collectionName <- "responses"

	db <- mongo(collection = collectionName,
				url = sprintf(

# shiny app runs but doesn't work and gives
# Error: bad auth Authentication failed.

Fixed it! The above is correct but I had a typo in the loadData() function.

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